Wish you install Steam on your computer for playing?

Steam is an online text distribution, rights management and communication platform developed by valve and available since September 12, 2003. Oriented towards video games, it allows users to purchase games, content for games, automatically modernize them, manage the multiplayer part of games and offers community tools in games using steam.


How to install steam on your game of computer?


Since October 2012, a service is dedicated to software. In February 2015, Steam had more than 125 million users2 and in March 2017 more than 14,000 games. Until now, members of the group retained 30% of all revenues generated through its site. A standard it has long imposed on the industry, symbolizing its omnipotence in online gaming for many years. Following the example of apple and google, which apply the same rate, with their online shops for mobile applications.


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We will have to wait two years, and the end of 2005 to see other third party games (not developed and not published by valve) arrive on the platform. An event at the time since most of the games were still sold in physical version.

Steam has thus greatly contributed to the end of physical games on PCs, but also the potential progression of dematerialized games on consoles.

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